500+ YARDS


I have been on leave for about a week and a half now, and I accomplished one of the things I set out to do on this trip. Below are some pictures of today when I went out with my brother to test out the Big Green Monster at 512 yards. I was using Eric Henderson's 450 grain boat tail with the exception of when we were shooting at the water bottle in the pictures. I couldn't find a deer sized target, so I decided on using the full sized silhouette shown. If this offends you, I would advise you to lighten up and take your Ritalin.

The maximum limit of this gun right now is 500 yards because of the field of view of the scope not being large enough for the drop. That doesn't mean that the gun isn't accurate though, as you can see from the pictures. I was aiming at the top of the target and although I was low, the group is pretty superb with the exception of one flyer in the center of the target.

All my shots were performed after topping the gun off to 3000 psi. When I do some further study I will set up a 3 shot drop chart for this gun at longer ranges. I was focused on seeing how repeatable it would be at long range on the first shot, and it performed way beyond my expectations.

The field of view on my scope is my only current limitation. The deformation and penetration of the fiberboard by the bullets indicates that they are still moving very fast at 500 yards. I need a tilted scope mount or vernier sight if I am going to shoot any further though. An externally adjustable mount is in the works, but I am more than satisfied with the current performance of the gun at 3000 psi with Eric's bullets. I know with higher magnification and a tilted scope base the groups would be even smaller. Thanks Dennis Quackenbush, Eric Henderson, and Bob Dean. I hope that you forum members all enjoy the pictures.

I was hitting a little bit lower than what I was aiming at, but I was shooting for groups to see how accurate it was, so it wasn't too big of a deal. My brother is a better shot than I am, but he couldn't get a good group because of the persistent wind that started soon after I shot my group.

This gave us a pretty good field of view.

My brother got tired of shooting at paper targets and went for this bottle instead.....

....and it should have ran when it had the chance. One of the most awesome shots I have ever seen.

The results speak for themselves. Quackenbush airguns are accurate and not just at short ranges.